Bodyflight – an experience you will never forget

Forget gravity! Feel the rush! You can fly!

Ever dreamt of flying? Let your dream become reality. Bodyflight is action, excitement, lots of energy and lots of laughs. The thrill will remain in your body for hours after your flights.

In 2011 Copenhagen Air Experience raised the first vertical wind tunnel in Scandinavia for the bodyflight sport, simulating the free fall skydivers experience, when they jump from an airplane.

Five propellers push a strong current of wind through the wind tunnel with speeds of up to 220 km/hour.With an instructor safely at you side you enter the flight chamber, lean into the wind – and fly!

There are no limitations, no gravity, no parachute, wings or strings – just you, flying. How high and for how long you and your instructor will decide together. You always have the option to exit the flight chamber, but you might not want to!

So bring your colleagues, friends or family – we guarantee the best thrill of the year!


Anyone can fly

Bodyflight is safe and easy to learn. Children above the age of 7 can fly! For anyone under the age of 18, we ask for our waiver of liability to be signed by a parent or a legal guardian. You can find the waiver here.

You are free as a bird when flying and we take good care of you. Safety is our top priority and you are in good hands with our team of instructors, who are well trained professionals. We supply all necessary equipment and thorough instructions.