Safety always have top priority at Copenhagen Air Experience. 
You will be given thorough instructions before flying for the first time. You will watch our safety video and your instructor will explain the flight and safety procedures to you. We will ensure that you are suitably dressed for your flights with flying suit, gloves, helmet and ear plugs. You will never fly alone. Your instructor will be with you throughout your flights, and the operator will adjust the air stream continuously according to your size, weight and level of flying skills.

It’s got to be fun!
And we guarantee it will be! But safety will always have first priority when you fly. We do not accept irresponsible behaviour and you must follow your instructor’s instructions.

Alcohol policy
Alcohol and sport does not go together. Nor does alcohol and bodyflight. If you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, we reserve the right to refuse you entry without a refund. No one is allowed to fly under the influence of any intoxicating substance at Copenhagen Air Experience, which is also the reason why we don’t serve alcoholic beverages before your flight. Once you have completed your flight, you are welcome to enjoy a drink in our lounge, but alcohol is not permitted in the tower.

The vertical wind tunnel is safety-approved
Copenhagen Air Experience is TÜV certified.
The fire authorities has approved the tunnel.
We have approval from Force Technology.