Bodyflight as a sport.

Bodyflight has evolved from being a skydiving spin-off activity into a fully independent sport with competitions and shows worldwide.  Bodyflight as a sport is progressing continuously and the flyers are getting better and better. Bodyflight World championships are held in various disciplines within the sport every year. Vertical windtunnels are used throughout the world as training facilities and serves as an essential tool to skydivers, the military etc. in improving skills and safety in the air.

Copenhagen Air Experience and the Danish Parachute Association (DFU) are cooperating in ensuring the promotion and continuous growth of the bodyflight sport. Apart from tunnelflyers, we have weekly visits from skydivers, proflyers and military groups alike, who wish to improve their skydiving, bellyflying- or freeflying skills.

In cooperation with DFU, Copenhagen Air Experience is working on creating Bodyflight Leagues, for anyone who wants Bodyflight to be their sport.

You can contact us here if you wish to receive information regarding the development of the sport of Bodyflight.