The Copenhagen Air Experience wind tunnel is the first ‘Aerodium Open Multi Engine Hybrid’ type. Being a hybrid means, that it is possible to fly at two different levels: in a sealed flight chamber, or in the air stream itself. This means we can service first-time flyers, the more experienced and even professionals.

Safety has top priority at Copenhagen Air Experience and for Aerodium, the suppliers of the tunnel. All wind tunnels are tested and approved for safety by the TüV Rheinland Group. Flying has never been safer, as we have always given safety top priority since we first started. The concept is to give everyone the opportunity to fly – safely and comfortable.

Vertical wind tunnel

We bought our wind tunnel from Aerodium, a Canadian company, as they are the leading manufacturers of vertical wind tunnels in the world. As they put it themselves: they use their time on the ground to develop technology, and in the air to test and improve.

The vertical wind tunnel – facts and figures
The vertical wind tunnel is a tower standing 13 meter tall. At the base are five giant propellers, which push a powerful stream of air up through the tower. They airstream is uniform and steady reaching speeds of up to 210 kph, depending on your weight and size. The air stream allows you to float freely in the air, giving you the sensation of weightlessness and freedom.

The flight chamber is 3.6 meter (12 feet) in diameter, with space enough for up to four people to fly simultaneously.