Thorough instructions before you fly

Before you fly you will be instructed thoroughly by your instructor, who will also guide you through our safety procedures. We will make sure you are absolutely ready to fly. You will always fly accompanied by your instructor, who will give you the help and support you need. The operator and the instructor will cooperatively evaluate each flyer individually, making sure that you will have the best experience customized to your size, weight and skill level. We will supply you with a flight suit, gloves, helmet, goggles and earplugs before you fly. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes with laces.


What do I do – specifically?

You enter the tower with your instructor. When standing at the entrance of the flight chamber your instructor will help you to lean into the wind and now you are flying! Once you’ve found your balance you can begin to move around in the air and really feel the rush. It is an amazing feeling and soon you will gain control of your body and movements. Flying is a great way to relax and release tensions. You will experience yourself and your body in a brand new way and sense a felling of weightlessness, that is normally possible only in your dreams.


Want more? – Book extra flight time

First time you book bodyflight with Copenhagen Air Experience, you have a choice of various flight packages lasting from 2 x 1 minutes to 5 x 2 minutes in the flight chamber. If you can’t get enough, there is often a possibility to purchase extra flight time. Your first flight will most likely be all about getting comfortable in the air. Your second flight is where you will be better able to relax and become ready to see what you can do in the air. Naturally, the more you fly the more you will gain control of your body, and soon you will be able to and speed up your flying and do impressive stunts.