Share an experience that is everything but ordinary! Bodyflight is an activity where everyone is guaranteed to feel the wind beneath their wings and the butterflies in their belly. You can experience the feeling of free falling in a controlled, safe environment inside our flight chamber. Our experienced instructors will adapt to each flight to the ability and temperament of the individual flyer. Bodyflight is a unique experience that will leave every flyer with a thrilling sensation and something to talk about at the office, with friends, family and colleagues long after returning to earth. Re-live the energy and excitement again and again with the video from your flight.

Combine your Bodyflight event with a guest speaker. We offer many interesting profiles, and we are happy to customize an event just for you. Contact us and lets talk about your wishes.

You can also integrate bodyflight as part of your company conference, meeting or kick-off event. Our spectator area, administration  building and outdoor areas are naturally at your disposal.

For further enquiries or specific requests you can contact us here