We have our wind tunnel ready for you, we have our facilities ready for you and we have the most amazing experience ready for you! At Copenhagen Air Experience we will be happy to customize your event according to your preferences. Call us and lets talk about your wants and needs for your event. We will make sure that you will get an unforgettable day with action, thrills, and perhaps a guest speaker of your choice. Whether it is your Gentlemen club, a birthday party or family outing, we will taylor your event to match your needs.

We have groups of all sizes. If you are more than 11 flyers and choose the flight package “Learn to fly” or any flight package larger than that, you can have the tunnel all to yourselves while flying. On the other side of the glass wall surrounding the flight chamber you will find a large spectator area. From here it is possible to see and follow all the flights, take pictures and so on. It’s a lot of fun to see your friends or family try to crack the code of flying, so those who are not flying will be well entertained as well.

We offer to take care of your transportation from Copenhagen – popular pickups are cruise ships or the “rådhuspladsen”. Please contact us for this option.


For more information or an estimate on your event you can contact us here