If you would like to treat your bride or groom to be to some wind beneath their wings and a great rush before the big day, then let Copenhagen Air Experience be the first stop at the bachelor / bachelorette party for a thrill out of the ordinary. We will make sure that your bachelor / bachelorette will have a great time and an experience guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Whether it is just the person getting married who is flying or more of you who wants to share this experience, we promise you that you will all be entertained. On the other side of the glass walls surrounding the flight chamber, you will find a large spectator area, from where spectators can watch, cheer and share a few laughs.

How long is the total experience?

We start briefings every hour. Briefings and preparations before flying takes about 30 minutes. We will also spend time on changing into flight suits and warming up before we fly. Depending on the number of flyers in one hour, we might divide you into smaller groups for your convenience. All in all you should set aside at least 1,5 hour from you arrive until you are ready to leave again.

For safety reasons it is not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when flying. So consider if your visit to Copenhagen Air Experience should take place early in your day. Here it is not allowed to be high on anything but air.

For more information or an estimate on a large group event you can contact us here