Would you like to celebrate your birthday in the coolest way ever, flying with your friends? You can! Invite your family and friends to come fly at Copenhagen Air Experience – and make your birthday the party of the year!

Book a birthday party, a school trip or a day out with friends or classmates. Let your kids share a unique experience in a safe and secure environment, that will bring out the biggest smiles all around. Our professional and highly skilled instructors will make sure that everyone has an amazing time, as we customize each flight to fit the abilities and personality of the individual child.

Bodyflight is a popular sport for people of all ages and you do not need to be in particularly great shape or have any special abilities to fly. It’s easy to learn the techniques, and exploring the body and the body’s abilities in mid air is a lot of fun! Safety is our highest priority; our instructors and operators are very experienced and will keep even the most uneasy flyers safe and flying.

Children as young as seven years of age are able and allowed to fly.

One of our instructors will take good care of your group from start to finish. beginning You will watch our safety video followed by a thorough briefing on the art of Bodyflight. Then the fun can begin: You will enter the flight area in groups of approximately 10 people. You will then fly one person after another while being able to watch each others acrobatic skills from your front row seat in between flights. After your flights you can purchase snacks and soft drinks in our lounge area and even watch your personal video from your flights.

For more information or an estimate on your event you can contact us here