Copenhagen Air Experience offers skydivers and tunnel flyers alike the opportunity of buying pro-time at excellent prices.

We a number of experienced coaches associated, so you are sure to get the most out of your pro-time.

Pro-time can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour or more. Coaching can be purchased with any one of our associated coaches. Contact the coach of your choice for rates.

An instructor for safety and an operator will be present at all times.

We often have special offers and events for pro-flyers. For updates on offers go to”Offer” in our Pro-flyer zone or keep yourself in the loop on Facebook.




Opening hours are tuesday – thursday from 2 pm until 9.30 pm. Friday – Sunday fro 10 am – 9.30 pm. Protime and AFF training can not be bought online, so please call +45 43 99 91 91 or write to to make your reservation.

Inexpensive and effective training for beginners and experienced flyers
Our wind tunnel is ideal for AFF training, team training or training solo for both beginners and experienced flyers. Experienced skydivers and returning flyers can practice specific flying skills, new moves and exercises – alone or with a team.

Benefits of training in our wind tunnel:

  • You are not depending on the weather
  • No need to spend time (and money) on the plane ride to full altitude
  • You decide the length of your flights
  • It is cheaper than skydiving
  • Perfects your FS skills
  • Makes it possible to learn accurate and efficient freefly transitions
  • Your skills from the tunnel can be transferred to the AFF training and you can avoid the time and expense on having to repeat an AFF level.

You can train most skills in the tunnel, ranging from basic flying skills to advanced team exercises

  • Belly flying
  • Grips, turns, blocks and randoms
  • Fall rate modulation
  • Back flying
  • Transitions
  • Basic freeflying
  • Carving

We look forward to fly with you at Copenhagen Air Experience!